The Orange Film Society Inc. is a self-supporting and non-profit organisation dedicated to the appreciation of film culture.

The Film Society's aim is to encourage interest in film as an art and as a medium of entertainment, information and education. A film is shown every month on the last Sunday, except December. We select cultural films for our program (eg. arthouse, foreign language). We try to bring films that our members would not get the chance see living in the area. We try to give our program variety.

2019 will be our 34th season.

Our Story

It started off when a few people decided that the film industry in Orange did not have enough culture in it. So they began the Orange Film Society. They played a 16mm film in the west room at the Civic Theatre once a month, and around 20 people came. They would choose a different genre of movie a month (e.g. silent, sci-fi, etc.). As the years went by, they decided that one or two films a year would be shown at the Australian Cinema. These were popular with the members. So several years back, they decided that all films were shown at the cinema. As the years went by, the members went up.


The Commitee

The committee of the Orange Film Society Inc. is a group of around ten people who manage the society. They select current films for the cinema to show. Anybody can be a committee member. The committee members are nominated at our Annual General Meeting. The committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of most months in the committee members' homes.

Our Annual General Meeting

Every year, the Orange Film Society holds an annual general meeting. The venue and time varies, but is usually in October on the same night as one of our films. Everybody is welcome to attend. Here we nominate the committee, and the individual roles of the committee, e.g. President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We discuss the running of the society over the previous year, and drink wine and eat yummy food.

Our Newsletter

If you are a member you will receive a monthly e-newsletter. The newsletter includes a description on the upcoming film, video suggestions, and important notices from the committee. Plus our members can write in and suggest films to us, and we will publish them in our newsletter.

Our Committee for 2019

President - Elaina Neville
Secretary - Karen Somers
Treasurer / Membership Officer - Kris Smith
Vice President / Public Officer - Greg Tracey
Publicity Officer - Peter Young
Committee Members - Gordon McMillan, Marcia Thorp, Diane Melville, Michael Flynn, Libby Rhys-Jones, Christiane Rondeau